The Sunshine Coast’s incredible producers are fundamental to The Curated Plate’s program. The festival showcases the importance of quality, native produce, and the pivotal role that producers play in the world-class dishes that chefs create and consumers love. The producers that we highlight will work closely with the festival’s chefs on specially curated menus that showcase the best produce of the region. The Curated Plate delights in showcasing:

Walker Seafoods Australia

Walker Seafoods Australia has a simple mission – to ensure sustainable fishing so that they are part of the solution that safeguards seafood supplies for the future. They work with nature, they don’t antagonise it. Based out of Mooloolaba, husband and wife team Pavo and Heidi Walker sustainably source wild-caught tuna and swordfish across the entire East Coast.

Their commitment to sustainability is unparalleled. They were the first tuna fishery in the country to earn the international gold standard for seafood sustainability; the coveted Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification.

The certification has a number of wins. Premium wild-caught tuna and swordfish end up on the plates of some of Australia’s best fine-dining restaurants, like iconic Sydney restaurant Tetsuya’s. Meanwhile, Australia’s Top Chef, Josh Niland is not only a buyer, he’s an outright evangelist of Walker Seafoods Australia. His restaurant, Saint Peter (currently ranked Number 3 in Australia’s Top Restaurants) has a menu that is entirely seafood, and together with his Fish Butchery, chefs such as Niland are leading the charge for commercial kitchens to source only sustainably caught produce – like that of Walker Seafoods Australia.

The Curated Plate is thrilled to be highlighting Walker Seafoods Australia as a phenomenal Sunshine Coast producer. Find out more about them here:

Walker Seafoods Australia