The Curated Plate Culinary Festival 2019 FAQs


What is The Curated Plate?
The Curated Plate is a brand new four-day culinary festival being held in the Sunshine Coast from 8- 11 August 2019. The Curated Plate is proudly brought to you by Fairfax Events & Entertainment, Visit Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast Council, and Tourism and Events Queensland. A celebration of the union between regional produce and chef expertise, culminating in unforgettable, curated dining experiences in the most spectacular of natural environments.

When is The Curated Plate festival?
Thursday 8th – Sunday 11th August 2019.

What is the Umbrella Program?
The Umbrella Program is a chance for restaurants and tourism operators on the Sunshine Coast to host an event or experience during The Curated Plate culinary festival. The Umbrella Program will form part of The Curated Plate wider festival program and will operate from Monday 5th – Sunday 18th August 2019. Umbrella Program event(s) are run solely by the restaurants, cafes, venues and tourism operators with Fairfax Events & Entertainment providing marketing support for the event, as outlined in the marketing benefits section below.

What does it mean to be a Tourism Activity Provider?
Being a Tourism Activity Provider on the Sunshine Coast gives your company a chance to market your offerings during The Curated Plate culinary festival period through the Umbrella Program. This may be business as usual activities you run (such as trail tours, camel rides, diving rips etc) or something special and uniquely created for the tourists travelling to the Sunshine Coast for The Curated Plate culinary festival. The activities are run solely by the Tourism Activity Providers, with Fairfax Media & Entertainment providing marketing support for planned activities, as outlined in the marketing benefits section below.

What is the Food Fair and how can I be a part of it?
Being a producer or restaurateur on the Sunshine Coast gives you the opportunity to promote and showcase your products or restaurant while supporting this brand new culinary festival for the region. The Food Fair will be a vibrant three-day event incorporating producers, restaurants, industry exhibitors, live music, cooking demonstrations by headline chefs, vegan quarter, food fans and family-friendly activities. The Food Fair will operate from Friday 9th – Sunday 11th August 2019 from early afternoon into the evening. Whether big or small, we encourage all producers and restaurants to apply for inclusion, where you will have the opportunity to showcase and sell your amazing produce or tasting menu to The Curated Plate visitors as well as locals! You may also be selected (upon application) to showcase your produce in our chef cooking demonstrations or industry talks held daily as part of the Food Fair. The Food Fair provides you with the ability to create your own unique exhibition space – various size options available including solo run stalls or the opportunity to collaborate with other restaurants or producers and share a stall space together. Fill out the Expressions of Interest Form and Fairfax Events & Entertainment will contact you directly.

What dates can the Umbrella Program operate in?
Monday 5th – Sunday 18th August 2019 (at least one of your operation dates must also fall within The Curated Plate culinary festival 08-11 August 2019).

What are the dates of the Food Fair?
Friday 9th – Sunday 11th August 2019, from early afternoon through to the evening.

Why do the operating dates of the Umbrella Program extend outside of The Curated Plate event dates?
We want to help curate an amazing experience for The Curated Plate visitors, from the spectacular Hinterland, the picturesque beaches, through to the amazing local restaurants – we want visitors wooed by your region and all it has to offer!

Does it cost to register?
If you are applying as a restaurant exhibitor at the Food Fair a small fee will apply due to operational facilities required, Fairfax will be in touch directly with these details once applications are submitted.
If you are applying to be part of the Umbrella Program or as a produce exhibitor at the Food Fair, no registration fees apply.

What are the marketing benefits?

  • Social media post inclusion with links to restaurant/tourism/producer handles or hashtags, where relevant. These must be supplied to Fairfax to ensure accurate tagging
  • There will be a dedicated page(s) on The Curated Plate website housing information on The Umbrella Program and exhibitors within the Food Fair with links to your restaurant/activity/producer website.
  • Featured within dedicated PR campaign for the event*
  • Featured within at least 1 event eDM to dedicated The Curated Plate database*

*Could be included in a post, carousel or shared post promoting the respective event category. Events cannot conflict with existing sponsors (i.e. banks, spirits, wine, beer partners promotions)

When do registrations close?
Registrations close Friday 30 November 2018. If you can’t register by this date, please get in touch with us at

Why/How can you get involved in The Curated Plate?
You can register an event or tourism activity as part of the Umbrella Program or to be a Food Fair exhibitor (producer or restaurant). Just follow the appropriate links within the introduction email sent to you. Please email if you haven’t received an introduction email. Once approved** you will be contacted directly for further details and to be included on our website and throughout the marketing campaign. It’s a great marketing opportunity to re-connect with customers and attract curious new customers.

**Please note, as much as we would absolutely love to include everyone, the Umbrella Program will be limited to 30 events/experiences for 2019. The Food Fair will also have limited restaurant and producer exhibition spaces available – so think creatively and get in quick!

What type of event/activity can I register under the Umbrella Program?
The options are endless. Restaurants can host a breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner! Think Mexican Fiesta, Bottomless Brunch – something that will tie in with the tone of your restaurant and showcase what you have to offer in the region. Restaurants and tourism activities can also register an event they have already created and are holding in the month of August 2019.

What is the criteria Fairfax are looking for to build the Umbrella Program?

  • Your experience or event is designed specifically for The Curated Plate culinary festival
  • Your experience or event is held during the Umbrella Program period of Monday 5th – Sunday 18th August 2019 (including at least one day across The Curated Plate event dates 8th – 11th August 2019)
  • If an event, it must be held within the restaurant (not an external event)
  • Your experience or event must acknowledge and promote the Festival
  • Your event must meet the Festival key themes and objectives and be relevant to event goers (, KEY THEMES: Sustainable & Organic / Health & Wellness / Exceptional Produce)
  • Your restaurant geographically falls into the Sunshine Coast Council catchment
  • Your event ticketing and sales strategy developed and shared with Fairfax Media
  • You agree to provide two complimentary tickets/experiences to Fairfax on request for international and national chef itinerary or promotional purposes

How does ticketing and reservations work for the Umbrella Program?
This is completely up to you! Your listing on The Curated Plate website will have links that will take customers back to your website and/or bookings page. Customers will then book or reserve directly through you. Be sure to provide as much information during the booking process including terms and conditions of purchase.

Do I have to use partner beverages of The Curated Plate for my event/experience in the Umbrella Program?
No, you are welcome to use any beverage or products of your choice for your event, although we do encourage you to support local providers. Fairfax will be unable to promote specifically any beverage or produce brands that sit outside of our already existing partnerships.